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“Suzie’s Branding programme helped me navigate my way to feel more empowered, confident and self-assured.”

Her programs unique delivery and style is very motivating, inspiring and ultimately brought out the best in me, helping me become more self-aware and readier to grow and achieve more. I recommend it to anyone who aims to be their best every day!

Erica Georgis
Senior Interior Architect

“A unique blend of professionalism, elegance and fun, Suzie shined a light on the positives for my personal branding, image and executive presence!”

Suzie’s branding program helped me to have the confidence to take my insurance brokerage to the next level. Suzie is extremely thorough, and I quickly gained an insight into my business and my passions. Suzie helped me gain the confidence to be seen, be heard, be noticed. I highly recommend Suzie’s Personal Branding Program and as a coach to anyone wanting to create or improve their personal brand and business!

Suellen Greives
Director Covermax Insurance

“My confidence has improved working with Suzie, and I am looking forward to a bright future ahead. Thanks, Suzie!”

I was inspired to unlock ‘brand Kate Osborne!’ with Suzie’s program to develop an empowering and authentic personal brand both online and off! I was very nervous about putting myself ‘out there’, but Suzie’s process is fluid and fun, leading me to gain greater clarity about my vision, passion, greater purpose and what is truly important to me and my personal brand.

“Suzie helped bring the new version of me into creation in a very meaningful and aligned way.”

Completing Suzie’s program and working with Suzie is such a wonderful experience! Suzie has the unique ability to dive deep & quickly discover your passion, goals & dreams (even when you still aren’t totally clear of them yourself!).

Suzie program really accelerated the whole process of transforming my personal brand to better reflect who I am today, what I believe and what I truly stand for!

“Suzie is masterful, thought provoking, dedicated. Through Suzie’s branding program, I was able to explore my passion, develop my brand purpose…”

Through Suzie’s branding program, I was able to explore my passion, develop my brand purpose, develop my visual brand style guide and have the confidence to resign from a 23yr career to launch my own business, The FemeTech Revolution!

“Wow! I didn’t realise how much I would learn! Suzie’s 30-Day Brand Fit Challenge is totally unique, empowering and completely on-point! “

Having previously worked with Suzie as my brand coach to build my brand and business, it was great to now do her online course to refresh my key brand messages, reconnect with my purpose and vision, and to remind me of the importance of always keeping my brand relevant and staying connected to my ‘WHY’.

“Suzie’s program has challenged my thinking and empowered me to be vulnerable so that I can dig deep and expose my true personal brand. “

Suzie has a vision and direction for my personal brand and messaging that I would not have been able to access without her skills.